Ocean Forecast User Survey

Posted on 11 May 2020

Click here to participate in this survey, which aims to understand more about how users interact with met-ocean forecast information sources.

Preliminary analyses have shown that the accuracy of ocean forecast information might actually be just a part of the reason behind users' choice of met-ocean information websites. In order to enhance our understanding of what you look for in your forecast provider, as well as the way you use its information, SAWS is conducting a user survey. Based on the outcomes of this survey, we hope to improve the usefulness of ocean forecast information available to South Africans.

In taking the survey, it might seem the wording of certain questions is a little strange, and that certain questions are repeated. This is part of ensuring that the results will stand up to statistical analysis later on. We have partnered with social scientists to ensure that this is done robustly.

We sincerely appreciate your participation! Click here to take the survey.