SAWS Marine represents at the SAICE Marine General Meeting

Photo Credit: Marisa Ackhurst (LinkedIn)

Posted on 7 February 2019

This talk represents the first technical community engagement for the SAWS Marine Unit. They presented their new forecasting products, latest research and new website.

Dr. Christo Rautenbach of the SAWS Marine Unit was approached by the South African Institute of Civil Engineering (SAICE) to present an overview of recent developments in the Marine Unit. The focus was on the Unit’s wave, storm surge and tidal forecasting capabilities. A live demonstration of the Marine website was given and on-the-fly input was given by the audience. The engineering community is generally interested in short term forecasts as these could help with the scheduling of construction and deployment of coastal infrastructure. High resolution and quality products such as the ones demonstrated have not been available until now. Dr. Rautenbach’s presentation was met with a great response and represents the first in a series of community stakeholder engagements. The Marine Unit would like to host more targeted stakeholder engagement workshops to gather valuable feedback on its products and services. These engagements will also be held with recreational coastal users such as sailors, surfers, long-distance swimmers and divers, as well as academia and the research community, disaster risk management teams, local governing authorities and municipalities. Dates and venues for these engagements will be listed on the website and advertised as widely as possible.